Founded in 2011 the Purple Cow Farm has existed to provide social instruction to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. The 20 acre property was purchased at 4214 N. 143rd and classes are held on location. We have served over 50 students from preschool to high school age through Social Thinking© instruction. Currently students in middle school participate in vocational/social groups with an environmental theme.

A 1700 square foot ADA compliant residential facility (The Rudy Ranch House) was built with the capacity to offer residential supports for up to 4 adults with developmental disabilities. Licensing complications prohibited further clients and SRS granted a temporary license to serve up to two individuals. The non for profit decided that it was rather costly and time prohibitive to run the residential facility and removed this entity from the non for profit. Karen and Jeff Frye own the property and run the facility independently. The Rudy Ranch house moved in the first resident July of 2014 and the second on Jan 4, 2015.

In Spring of 2015 the PC circled back to its original objective of establishing competitive community employment and reestablished the need for a steady funding stream. The executive director attended training in North Carolina on opening a Creative Reuse Center in Wichita. The board approved a creative reuse center as an entity for employment Summer 2015. Currently we gather donated materials and will begin to sell them online in the fall of 2016.

The short term objective of The Purple Cow Farm is to launch a creative reuse center which will allow the organization to:

a) Provide mentor and employment opportunities
b) Provide a reliable source of income
c) Obtain a van for donation collection and off site events

The long term objective is to form two sustainable employment locations: The organic farm, and creative reuse center. Each entity will serve as a national model of employment and social training for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities

Mission statement:
Utilizing sustainable living concepts, The Purple Cow Farm provides unique supports to individuals with developmental disabilities by offering social instruction, mentoring and employment opportunities.

Belief statements:
We believe that every person is  capable of work and should be given the opportunity to experience unique gainful employment which builds on interests and talents and enhances self-worth.

We believe that every person has the right to receive the support needed to develop the social competencies/relationships necessary for sustained meaningful life in the community.

We believe that every person should be respectful of the community in which they live.

We believe it is important to empower and support every person through life’s transitions in order to achieve a satisfying quality of life.