The creative reuse center collects reusable materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills and offers them to the community through resale, classes, workshops and art shows. Our goal is to offer competitive employment to individuals with disabilities to utilize talents and strengths in order to promote creativity, environmental awareness and inclusive community. Currently we gather donated materials and will begin to sell them online soon. Middle and high school students along with their peer mentors, have the opportunity to enhance prevocational skills but also work on the social strategies needed to set the stage for meaningful relationships and employment in the future.

Participants will build executive functioning and perspective taking skills by using the strengths of each group member to work towards a common goal. They will initiate a plan and then prioritize in order to sequence steps necessary to sort, label and prepare items for shipping: learning to make adjustments along the way. Once the group has the product prepared they will then market towards other individuals, requiring them to explore different thoughts and beliefs.